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Let Genie help you with finding new qPCR primers, organizing your inventory, and analyzing data.
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Search by pathways and gene signatures.

No need to search the literature or fish through multiple databases to find genes associated with a particular pathway or gene signature. With Genie you can search them by name and find genes and their primers, which you can quickly add to your list.

From plate layout to data analysis, and record keeping.

With Genie you can design your reaction plate using your stored primers and analyse data after running your experiment. We also provide an easy way to track your experiments, primers used, and expression data. Generating reports for your lab notebook or journal quality figures is a breeze.

Community & computationally driven.

Picture your Saturday afternoon online shopping, but for primers. At Cytogence, we have developed an in-house primer design program optimized to create ideal primers. All primers are validated in silico for specificity and checked for any off-target amplification. Additionally, we provide a community driven validation method to further authenticate our primers.

Development Timeline

Genie is still a work-in-progress and we are working hard to iron out any kinks in the web service. Keep track of our progress with our timeline below. We will be opening singup soon to the public.

  1. Human Genome Processing of the human genome and designing primers.
  2. Mouse Genome Processing of the mouse genome and designing primers.
  3. Subscription Services Genie is provided for free, but we need you support.
  4. Desktop Application Connecting blueWhale and ampliFly to sync data with Genie.
  5. iOS App Development an iOS app to complement Genie on the web.
  6. RNAseq Analysis Integration of our unique RNAseq analysis software.
  7. Primer Oligo Orders Looking for a partnership to synthesize custom oligos.